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Guest Stonebird2000


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Guest Stonebird2000

Hey, I hope someone here can help me!!!

I used to work with DOOM editing back 3 years ago, but I lost interest before I got really in depth wit it but I got back into it and I wanna stock up on the best editing utilities, but I mean the works:


But, I'm completely lost as to what I should get, hell, I don't even have DOOM anymore.

First and foremost, if anyone is willing to help, I'd like someone to tell me where I can download [ *SNIP* Asking for warez on this forum is strictly forbidden, and usually leads to removal of your post and a ban. This time you get off with a warning. - red. Mordeth]

Then, I would like to get advice on the best of the editors I listed above and if anyone can help me find the latest version of DeHackEd (unless there's a better DOOm hacker program) that'd be great! But, I'm practically a novice to DOOM editing, so you'll have 2 go a little slow with me when you explain stuff (not TOO slow, but good enough so I know what u r talkin' about!

I really hope someone can help, thanx for listenin'!

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Guest Stealthy Ivan

dude..... you are beyond help.

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1. Full versions of DooM & DooM2 are not yet available for free (unless you obtain a pirated version -- i.e., warez). They are however available for as few bucks as it costs to see a movie with popcorn and a drink.

2. Scroll through these forums for advice on good editors. Here is an example of a recent discussion on selecting editors:


3. DeHacked is available from cdrom.com and from right here at DooMWorld:


4. Start small. Get the basics of map-making down first, before beginning with ambitious projects involving DeHacked.

5. When you start making maps and have a question about level-building, etc., try to be as specific as possible on these forums. You'll find plenty of knowledgeable people willing to help, but it'll be easier to help if they fully understand your problem. Also, make an effort to find the answer yourself before asking.

Welcome back to the fold, and good luck.

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What I'd suggest:

-DOOM and/or DOOM2

-WadAuthor and/or DeepSea


-Photoshop (or Paint Shop Pro if you don't have enough $$$)

-Sound Forge (or GoldWave if you're strapped for $$$)


That's about it. Shouldn't cost much at all if you go for the cheapest way possible. ...look at it this way, if you buy Photoshop, you have it to use for a tonne of stuff (and if you get really good with it you can make some serious $$$ as a graphic artist, texture artist, or whatever). Think of it as an investment.

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