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DeHackEd Newbie here...

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Just asking - anybody know how to make rockets teleport (When they cross a teleporter line)?

Or even better, teleport when they cross a MONSTER ONLY teleport line?

The reason I ask is for a DM project I'm doing. I want teleporting rockets, but I don't want people getting cheap frags by shooting secluded teleporters that lead to oft-used areas. This idea is to have a monster-teleport line in front of the teleport line, so that rocket and player go to different places, thus avoiding this.

I'm new to dehacked, so I have no idea how to do this.
BTW No source port specifics - I want my project to be for any port. Basically, vanilla levels with VPO, if you will.

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Linguica said:

Can't be done with Dehacked.

Hmmm.... d'oh.

Actually, I tried altering the various flags for the rocket projectiles to do this, but before dismissing it, I thought I'd ask the geniuses here.

Never mind. I guess my DM project will be good enough when I've done it without such cheap tricks ^_^

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