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The U.A.C - confirmed!!!

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I've decided to do it. My idea of a kind of 'newbie designer union' - I'm doing it! I'm going to work on the site a bit, and maybe upload sometime next week, but I'm gonna do it!

Basically, I've aptly named it the U.A.C, which just stands for Up And Coming, referring to brand new talent that people should check out. This site will also have tutorials that can be understood by a beginner (I'm hoping to explain them in a jargon-free manner) with explanatory pictures included!

Anybody that can help, or wants to be a hero of the Doom community, mail me (Address is to the left).

Basically I'm gonna need help, as all my tutorials will be WadEd specific - and I don't know how to do certain things in, say, WadAuthor.

This will be something new, AND GOOD for the Doom community, I hope.

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Good for you. As for help, post here when you need some.

(UAC -- Up And Coming. Clever. I like that.)

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I would probably pay you to teach me how to do doom mapediting. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY has been able to teach me how to mapedit.

A recent attempt has failed miserably. My total potential for making maps from scratch is absolutly zero! (until someone who can actually understand my problem can help me out).

I might help with your site, I can do graphics ok, and know little or no html.

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