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How do you insert custom music?

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Does anyone here know how to insert a custom .mid into a wad file? And how do you insert custom title and between-level pics?

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By using wintex you can do both of those tasks easy,
just adding a lump then give it the same name as it is
in doom(2) then align it if you have to. k

You can email me if you need some help!

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Press F7 in DeePsea. Select "Import Lumps into a PWAD". Then select the "Target", add the files and then press "Import".

There are no restrictions on "names", so in addition to being able to replace "stock" stuff, you can also add MP3s for ZDOOM.

The preview windows or sound being played should make it obvious what the existing lump name is called (I hope). So when you import the file with your new .mid, rename the lump to the name that plays the "old" music. DOOM has MUS, so be sure to leave the import conversion option as is. The new ports can also play .MID in which case the conversion is not required.

The same applies to any graphics or levels you may want to add. The next release will be expanded to automatically merge TEXTURE control information.

This all works in the shareware with no limits. Please download the latest and current version from www.sbsoftware.com since the version here is the old one.

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