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DETH 4.24 vs. Windows98 - who wins?

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Hi there.
I posted a message before- saying that I got
trouble using DETH 4.24... and now I actually
made some progress. I installed it on a PC
that runs on Win95 and it works fine, WinNT,
too (but only in VGA) ...just under Win98 it
does this:

(follow link to see a graphical description
on the trouble I'm having)

Does anyone have the same problem or is it
just me myself and I?
Please reply (unless you have nothing to say ;)


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That's a bug in 4.24. Go back 1 version or get them to post an updated version. Zeth (for ZDOOM) also fixed this problem. (FYI I ran both 4.23 (which works) and 4.24 (which does not work) using win98.

The video thing is related to VESA support on your video card. So it depends on what card is in your system. Most all newer cards will work, but your mileage will vary for older cards. SciTech made a program to compensate (adds Vesa) for older cards when that was a common problem.

You might want to consider using a current Windows editor?

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