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Beta testers needed

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If you would like to beta test my Vexation deathmatch series please read the following and mail me at Toke@free-1.com or talk to me via ICQ.

I have the final betas finished for 3 out of 4 of the wads (the skulltag version wont be released until the texture bug is fixed) and they are ready for beta testing. I will only release one version of each wad so I need to get all the errors out before I release them. The following is information betas testers need to know:

All testers will need to get either AIM or ICQ if they don’t already have one/them so I can talk to them about testing specific things.

I still have allot of art that I'm touching up so don’t tell me about any of the problems with art.

Look for misaligned textures, visplane overflows (fatal or non-fatal) in the doom2.exe version, and anything else that looks like it may have been a mistake.

I have not played it with the all the weapon variations because that is very time consuming so that needs allot of play testing.

I will be running several 1 on 1 csdoom servers and occasionally FFA servers when I can get them hosted on better computers. Feel free to run servers with the wad.

If you want to send the wad to another player so you can play test it just let me know who it is/was. Please don’t send the wad around without letting me know. Anyone you send the wad too who isnt a beta tester will not be expected to report on errors.

Let me know if there are any sprites that need to be added/removed if they cause problems, don’t tell me things like “remove the BFG in map**” just because its not your weapon preference or something similar.

Beta testers will be mentioned in the credits pic, unless I cant fit it (I will most likely be able to), and text file.

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