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Yeah, remember that ol' dinosaur thats been going on for about a 100 years that nobody remembers.

Im prolly going to release my mod sometime soon, of course clipped of all weapons and mosnters that don't work yet.

This is a weapons and enemy replacement/addition mod for edge. All weapons are replaced and many of the enemies have changed to be tougher.

Since this mod includes no maps, and there are completly new items and enemies (ie, new mapnumbers), i will be using an enormous RTS script file to pop thise little guys in. This does mean that it will only work with doom2/doom1 maps which i will be putting things into (can't get all the goodies in the game w/o cheating if your playing a differnet mod or level set). And, unfortunatly, the RTS file is incomplete as well, with only the first episode of doom functional for new items and enemies (2 new enemies actually, none are replaced).

New Weapons:
#2: Field Pistol, faster than original doom pistol, secondary mode fires 5 rounds full auto (w/ a delay afterwards)
#2: Mp5k - one of the first weapons you get, is a machinegun.

#3: Combat shotgun - secondary fire mode launches a frag grenade.
#3: Double shotgun - fires 2x the shots as a combat shotgun in nearly the same amount of time, belt fed so you dont have to reload every shot, cannot fire grenades though.

#4: Hunting Rifle - thinking aobut dropping it
#4: Compact minigun - fires in 10 round bursts or a continious fire mode with a slower fire rate.

#5: Pin-Weapon - chaingun freaks will love it, pelts your targets with 2100 rounds per minute of pure excitement. Uses 4mm pins so ammunition is conserved (uses about 1 bullet per 2 shots). I think the UAC made this thing to kill troops.
#5: Railgun - we've all seen it, can go through several normal-sized entities and leaves a trail behind it.

#6: Explosives launcher - rocket launcher and grenade launcher all rolled into one.
#6: Flechette Cannon - thinking aobut dropping it, it's like a recoilless rifle.

#7: Assault Particle Gun - much like doom's plasma rifle, but with more "uumph".

#8: Plasma Rifle - fires concentrated blasts or lighter blasts at a faster rate; at least as powerful as the explosives launcher.
#8: Heavy Plasma Weapon - fires a wide blast of plasma or a concentrated, devistating blast of pure heat.

The release date is indeterminant, and will be in either alpha or beta stage, but will be very soon (within the month). Im in the process of creating a site for the mod.

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Guest Sandman

Does this happen to be the Relapse project?

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