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No, WadAuthor is not dead!

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Sorry for the lack of posting for the last couple of weeks. I wish I could say the more charitable interpretations of my silence--thanks guys!--were correct. That is, I wish I could say the silence was due to a flurry of work taking place. Unfortunately, the truth is a bit more dull: my wife and I finally got a second dog as a companion for our first. And the new puppy is... how shall I put this gently? Eating up my time and energy as I have to watch him basically all day! (grrrr) It's kind of hard to get non-trivial work done while the top line on your daily agenda is preventing the now nine-week old puppy from pooping in the house (sigh). In response to the question posted elsewhere, though, WadAuthor is not dead. There *will* be another release. And it will feature some pretty significant changes. But it's taking longer than anybody expected. Isn't that the way these things always go?

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Guest fragg

Phileo, welcome back. Yup, puppy's is a pain!
BTW, if u get some time later, read the "ReX" thread? Thanx.
Hang in there with the puppy, and take your time with your new WA.
We're all sure that when it does get released -- it'll kick some major booty!!

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You shoulda got a kid instead, cuz then not only could you teach it to take care of itself and do other work for you, it could also take care of the first puppy on it's own ;)

You could even talk to it too.

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