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Guest met123


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Guest met123

how do you keep your doom folders clean from clutter mine's got crap everywhere.

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I just had this problem and I fixed it. I make a new folder called "doomfiles" and break it down like this:

Any deathmatch levels I stick here.
Any info such as tutorials.
Any Megawads go here.
Anything that is a modification for something.
Any doom musics
-Other Wads
Wads that don't fit in the other wad catagories.
-Source Port
I. Port 1
II. Port 2
III. Port 3
I put the wads that only work with certain source ports here.
I. TC1
I make a list of different TCs each with there separate folder.
I. Editor 1
II. Editor 2
III. Editor 3
I put each editor I have into separate folders.

Now you just drag and drop all your files into the catagories they go in. You might need to add more catagories if you find a bunch of files that don't go anywhere.
I hope this helps!

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