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Need help setting up editors for bridges

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I just learned that zdoom has incorporated an invisible bridge object for some time. I don't know how to modify my wad editor's
config files to enable this object. My primary editor is WadAuthor, and I also own DeePsea (but am not adept with it yet).
Can someone tell me exactly what needs to be added to the zdoom.wcf file, or what to do with the DeeP config files? If someone has an example config file I'd sure like to see it.

I found a skulltag config file for WadAuthor which has:
0x13c5 13 32 canda0 Invisible Bridge Thing (32 units)
0x13c8 13 16 canda0 Invisible Bridge Thing (16 units)
0x13c9 13 8 canda0 Invisible Bridge Thing (8 units)

As far as I know, this is not quite complete information for zdoom....where are the radius and height arguments?

Thanks, if anyone can help me.

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Try this in your DeePsea Zdoomhexen.opt file

9990 "IFOGC0" "Floating Step +Rad-Height" BLUE 14 0

Just find a suitable place to put it (mine is in a polyobjects/specials menu). When you place one of these things in a map, you should be prompted for the radius and height/thickness values. Leaving them at 0 means they use the default values (rad 32, height 4 IIRC).

Note, the height is the thickness from top to bottom of the thing, not its Z coordinate. That still has to be set in the normal way.

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1. Make sure you are using ZDooM v1.23 beta (if you haven't already done so, get the latest version at zdoom.notgod.com).

2. In WadAuthor insert a thing where you want your bridge object to be. It can be anything for now.

3. Select the thing and right click your mouse on it. Select Edit Raw Data. In the window that pops up, look for Type. The value will be the one for the thing you originally selected. Change that number to 9990 (which is the value for the invisible bridge object).

4. Next, find Special/Args -- the first space designates Special, and you'll leave that value at 0. The next 5 spaces designate the arguments, but you'll need only the first 2 of those 5 spaces. In the first space enter the radius of your bridge object (32 is usually a good value); in the second space enter the height of the thing. This height is not to be confused with the height of the thing above the ground. Rather, it is the actual height of the object. 4 is usually a good value if you want to give the player enough room to walk/jump while under the bridge.

5. Finally, assign the height of the thing above the ground (the z position). This, naturally, will depend on the height you've assigned your bridge sides and slats.

That's it -- you're good to go.

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Heh, I didn't actually notice it was you asking first time. Does that mean Morpheus Wannabe is getting some more work done on it?

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No, not yet. There's probably no reason to redo that work, unless the large number of invisible hanging body sprites causes zdoom to slow down, where using the built-in bridge object would not "bog" the computer. I have no idea, but initially I had more of the sprites, of a smaller radius, and that would crash zdoom.

Now when Randy gets air control coded into mapinfo, I'll update the wad with that addition.

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