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DEHacked question

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Editing dead enemies with DEHacked can produce some real interesting effects, so I experimented a little.

When Thing 117 (Dead Imp) is edited to be shootable etc., it seems that only the things that are placed on the map as dead imps are affected. When an Imp is killed, it's corpse does not seem to become Thing 117. Here's what I used:

Thing 117 (Dead Imp)
Hit Points = 100
Mass = 1000

I'm using the latest ZDooM. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this ZDooM's fault? What Thing ID does a real imp become when it dies?

And another, unrelated question. There is a message in Doom2: "You picked up a medikit that you REALLY need!" When does this message ever appear? I've yet to see it.

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I can't help with the first question but the one about the medkit... I think it happens when you get a medkit when your health is really low.

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This is purely from an experience with dehacked point of view. I am not a coder and the source code may as well be in Rodian as far as I am concerned.

Anyway, A dead imp thing, is a thing in it's own right. You can hack it as much as you want, to give it hit points, new frames and other possibilities (as you have done).

An imp you have killed is just that, an imp thing that has had all its hit points removed and run its death frames, including a code pointer that sets "dead body mode" to make it non blocking etc. AFAIK it does not become a different thing number.

The only thing that can happen to it now is for it to be ressurected by an archvile, or squished under a door or similar.

Editing the dead imp thing will have no effect on an imp you have killed. I know this sounds annoying, but as so many people use the dead creature things as new enemies in dehacked patches, its probably just as well. If what you want to happen was possible, killing an imp (or whatever) would make it immediately reincarnate as whatever the hacked dead thing had been converted to in such TCs.

A long, and complex way round this would be to hack something that was spawnable in zdoom (eg T_GUTS) to behave in the way you want. Make the original bad guy disappear totally on death, but spawn a hacked thing where he dies (so it looks like it is his body). I think this would work, but would involve giving all such enemies spawn item specials, giving them all tid values, and generally upping the complexity of putting your maps together. Such maps could only be run in zdoom and would also need to be in zdoomhexen mode. Frankly, if you are not familiar with zdoom editing (although I recommend getting into it, if you aren't already) it would be pretty complex to do. It may even not work. You can get dying enemies to spawn items where they die, but they can not spawn other enemies in such a way. Giving an object the characteristics you want may be enough to make it unspawnable (new word) in those circumstances. I would be surprised if it was worth it. There might be a better way, but it doesn't spring to mind.

I am guessing you were trying to make shootable bodies with your mod. There are a few hacks out there that create dissolving bodies. That is a body disappears after a period of time in increasingly small blood pools. I know it isn't what you were trying to do, but it could be an interesting alternative. There is a tutorial and a downloadable example of how to do this on my site at http://www.btinternet.com/~Enjay001/ Just follow the dehacked link and then scroll down to the "some worked examples..." link.

Lazer is right about the medikit message. However, it couldn't ever be seen. This is from Cory, posted on the Zdoom forum

"I believe in the original doom code, it showed up if you had health below 25%.. but since medikits heal you 25%, you never saw the message."

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Here's how to accomplish what you want. This trick is used in Werner Spahl's theme17.zip for Terminators changing phases and alien eggs hatching and the old zombie ghost trick/patch.

Take an item that gets dropped by an enemy such as a shotgun. Switch that item's data with the enemy's already dead corpse thing. Edit the sargeant's death frames so that they disappear. You can just change the duration of the last frame to 1 instead of -1 but it might be a bit sloppy. Now the shotgun and dead sargeants will still appear as they've been placed in levels, but when a sargeant dies he'll drop the shootable corpse instead of the shotgun and the original fresh corpse disappears so there isn't two corpses. Then just make the dead body shootable.

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