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reject tables

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ok like what program i use to make these, i never really thout about using reject tables to create no slowdowns, im using a 233mhz and vrack2 does run slow as hell

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Well, RMB chokes on Vrack2 :P I had to use ZenNode to create the reject table. You should be able to get it here: http://www.3ddownloads.com/?file_id=143111

Since it automatically builds a reject table (unless you tell it not to) all you have to do is place Vrack2.wad in the same directory as ZenNode and type: ZenNode.exe Vrack2.wad at the prompt. It will take a while (the better part of an hour) to compile on your machine. Once it does however, you should notice a definite speed boost. There will still be some slowdown because of the detailed architecture, but not so much to make it unplayable.

*kicks Fredrick in the ass and musses up his hair for releasing such a fine map as Vrack2 without a proper reject table*


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