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SWANTBLS.EXE Help is needed here ! Please !

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I can't create anything i wanted. Like a switch or a animate ...
I know ZDoom and the ANIMDEFS lump.

Anyone can help me to make it run perfectly.
Thanks a lot !

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You need to edit the DEFSWANI.DAT file that should have come with SWANTBLS.EXE. If not, I am pretty sure it comes with the Zdoom editing tools and the Boom source port binaries.

The DEFSWANI.DAT file is simply a text file. Once you open it, the format should be fairly obvious.

For switches

There is a column to specify which version of DOOM your switch is for. I don't know how useful this is as all switches seem to work with all versions I have tried, but maybe it matters. I have only tried using doom1 switches in doom2 and not the other way around. I always use 3 to indicate it is a doom2 switch. Then you simply put the switch off texture in the second column and the switch on texture in the third. You should just add your new values to the end of the existing switch definitions (in the switches section) to keep all the original doom switches working too.


#epi texture1 texture2

(You don't need to call them SW1 and SW2, but it helps keep things neat)

For animations

The procedure for flats and textures is the same. Just use the correct section of the file, and add your values at the end again.

The first column is the time in tics each texture/flat is shown for. The second column is the LAST texture/flat in your animation sequence. The third column is the FIRST texture in your sequence.


#spd last first

Now save the file and run the following:


This will create 2 files SWITCHES.LMP and ANIMATED.LMP. Include them in your wad and your new switch or animation should be working just fine.

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Thanks !
I will try that in 1 week ! I'm just outside from home since a week !

I'll be there soon and i'll finish something useful.
Thanks Enjay

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