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Even more WadEdit

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WadEdit Dude:

What you're doing with EXWE is incredible. Moving out of the bounds of DooM is certain to make your editor very versatile (sort of like what Wally does). At the same time, adding DooM-editing features makes it more appealing to the audience in these forums.

One thing I tried (with an older version of EXWE) but couldn't figure out was how to play back .wav and .mus files in a wad. I simply get a display of the wave pattern (for .wav files) but no sound. The .mus file just displays a table with the instruments, etc., but no music. The PC speaker sounds, however, play back fine. I'll give it a shot with the new version.

As always, I wish you the best in your efforts.

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Thanks for the encouraging words. :-)

About WAVes: you are right, currently all it does is displays them. I have implemented VOC support (for DUKE files) and I will put in WAV support of course (for Quake). Finally it will load all waves as data (instead of just displaying them). Once that is done, I can add lots of functions to manipulate the sound, etc. Same thing with MUS and MIDI files. (What I personally did for now was just saving the raw data and playing it outside.)

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I uploaded the latest version of EXWE. It now plays WAV files, and also loads VOC WAV and RAW formats. You can also open Quake3, Thief and Blood files as well, plus lots of other improvements.

Comments, bugreports, ideas are welcome.


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