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Da Snoop

I still have trouble with ambient sounds

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I've tried what Linguica told me, but it doesn't work. I don't know whether the problem is in my system, because I'm playing ZDooM under DOS 6.22 with the "zdoomdos" executable. I can't hear the music (it has something to do with MIDAS), but I think it has the influence even on ambient sounds. I'm able to hear only original sounds and some of the new ZDooM's like secret or
fountain (used in Doom2000), but the other not (e.g. earthquake).
I've build up the level with an earthquake effect and when I tried it on my computer, the quake was poor (even I used strenght 9!) and there was no sound. Then I brought the level to my friend (he's running under Win98) and there the quake was poor too, but it produces a quake sound. The next thing is that ZDooM freezes on my computer all the time. Whenever I run ZDooM, it painfully slows after a while (like I'm playing Doom2, map30 on 386 with high details and full window) and soon after that it kicks up an error. I don't know whether the problem is in DOS or this is ZDooM's bug. By the way, I have Pentium 166Mhz, 16MB RAM, 2MB Video, 120MB HDD (oops!), without CD-ROM.

P.S. Do somebody know why the AUTOEXEC.CFG and ZVOX.WAD files are missing? Maybe these "missing" files are the source of the problem (?).

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Don't know about the sound problems. I haven't used a DOS zdoom for some time. It is pretty outdated by now.

Autoexec.cfg is an optional file that can contain a bunch of commands that are run every time you start up (like things you might type at the console)

Zvox.wad is another optinal file. If it is present it is automatically loaded. It is intended to contain things like additional sounds like player voices.

Zdoom should work with neither of these files present, at least current versions do.

My friend runs Zdoom 1.22 on a P133 (maybe more memory, not sure but I think so - 32MB?, and definately more HD space). Only the most complex of levels or ones where lots of translucency is visible give him any real problems. Mind you, he has enough space to install win95 and Zdoom at the same time.

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