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Guest Crym01

DeepSea Bug

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Guest Crym01

deepsea (10.21) always crashes when i do the following ... ahm ... things:

1.) i mark 2 or more sectors
2.) rightclick
3.) i change something
4.) i press ok

this doesnt happen with 1 sector

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That's a known bug and is listed on our Web page. We were too far into the new release to post a fix (too many changes were in progress). This only applies to the ++ fields. The "fix" is not to select multiple sectors for ++ enabled fields.

The new release's WAD tools now can merge multiple PWADs with TEXTUREx/PNAMES and work with GL enabled levels - such as the "J" ports and EDGE (etc). The complete list of new and enhanced features will be posted soon:))

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