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WadEdit and more WadEdit

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Noticed that you fixed something as recently as yesterday. Cool.

I just got around to opening Duke 3D with EXWE, and I like it. I currently use Wally to extract graphics from DN3D, but Wally only recognizes .ART files, not .GRP files. EXWE overcomes that limitation, and allows me to browse not only the DN3D resource file but numerous other add-ons that use .GRP format.

Next, I'll look at Unreal -- I've been enamored of Unreal graphics ever since I played the game 2 years ago. In fact I wanted to do an Unreal conversion for DooM if the graphics had already been converted. Turns out that some folks who tried to convert them gave up. I forget the reason, but I gave up on my idea too. Perhaps I'll re-consider, now that I have a tool to view and copy the graphics. (Might still have to deal with the DooM palette, though. Can EXWE extract Unreal graphics as 256-color bitmaps? If so, who knows -- the palette might match and the graphics will look fine.)

Keep going, dude!

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Palette doesnt really matter that much, does Wadedit automaticially re-fit the colors of an incoming palette to the ones in the doom palette or another palette in a wad?

As long as you stay away from teal colors, and be weary of gold to orange colors transitions, it should be fine (I dont think actual weapons would be in unreal in any other format but models - might just consider taking screenies to get the weapons).

I noticed that teal colors sometimes end up being converted into transparency - but this was only my experience with wintex, dont know much about wadedit. Gold to Orange color transitions seem to be lacking some key colors inbetween the two - you will have yellow then there would be a sharp contrast straight to orange.

If you are putting any 16-bit or higher gfx in doom, you should probably convert them to 256 colors first as a precautionary measure (ie, use something like PSP or better).

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In EXWE, only 00FFFF (in RGB) gets converted to transparency. (I should make that an option like in DeeP.) It handles 8, 24 and 32 bit BMPs the same way.

ReX: Sorry to disappoint you, but the Unreal code is almost totally commented out, because it doesn't work. I understand why anyone has given up on it, it's the toughest format I ever saw, with very little info available. I'll give it another shot though, as soon as I have time. I didn't mention it on the homepage, but the current EXWE already has some HalfLife (WAD3) and Foresaken support. It's pretty half-baked, I need to clean up the code.

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I have pulled a few graphics out of Unreal and UT. Most of them converted quite well to the doom pallette too. I just used the version of Unrealed that comes with UT, loaded in the texture files (.UTX) to the texture browser. It has an option to export as BMP's. It doesn't do group exports, so you have to browse around and pick the ones you like, but it isn't too laborious.

I then just used PSP to fiddle around with the exported graphics and used DeePsea to import them and make the texture and pnames entries.

Oh yeah, and I also took a screenie or two and cut out the weapons as sirgalahadwizar sugests. I didn't need them all, but you can see how a couple of them looked in the screen shots of my TC on http://www.btinternet.com/~Enjay001/ Just follow the Aspects links.

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