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Inconsistency in DooM, DooM II

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The DooM and DooM II menu includes these four menu items:

New game (M_NGAME)
Options (M_OPTION)
Load game (M_LOADG)
Save game (M_SAVEG)

When any one of the above is selected, a new 'page' opens, with a title at the top. The title is the same as the menu item, except it's in all capitals, so it uses a different lump, as follows:


However, the latter two is never used. The load and save screens use the same lump as the main menu. So those who lumps just waste space. Both DooM and DooM II does this, and I assume some of the source ports, too (ZDooM does).

The real reason I brought this up is that this could be a problem for anyone who is trying to customise the main menu.

Does anyone know why? Is this something ID software and all the beta testers overlooked?

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