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New Things in Edge 1.25

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I'm creating a mod for doom 2. I was wondering about this:
If I create a new item in "things.ddf", how do I insert it into a level ? Can I do this using Deepsea or WadAuthor ???

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Guest Fanatic

Any editor that will allow you to add entries to their setup files will do.

WAD Author and DEEP Sea will allow this. Check their respective websites on how to add-remove items (things/sector specials/line triggers).

The latest DEEP Sea has EDGE stuff built in or a project file I believe that you can use as a template for your new stuff.

DOOMCad also allows easy editing of it's ini files.

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I learned the cheap lazy way to add new things to maps with Wad Author. Inside your map, place an item, ANY item, where yo want the monster/new thing and right click on it, "Edit Raw Data", and change the mapnumber to that of your new thing. It'll show up as a grey spot on the editing map, but it's there in-game.

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