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Slightly more WadEdit

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A couple more comments on WadEdit:

1. It would be nice to allow images to be exported (saved) as 256 color bitmaps. Currently, all images are automatically saved as 24 bit bmps (or as lumps). I understand that the editor is geared to work with graphic formats of many more games than just DooM, and that those games use 24 bit color. But this causes extra work in DooM -- i.e, after the image has been saved as a 24-bit bmp, I need to copy it into a dummy file with the DooM pallette, then save it as a 256 color bmp. When multiple images are involved, this copying and saving can be quite time-consuming.

2. I haven't quite figured out how to extract multiple lumps from a DooM wad. I select my lumps (say all are images), choose Image from the menu, and press the Save option. A Save As window pops up, I choose the folder in which I want my bmps to go, and am prompted for a file name. I put in the file name from the top of the list selected and press the Save button. First, instead of all the files getting copied only one gets copied. Next, instead of the first image selected, the last image is copied. Unfortunately, the help file does not have an entry for the Image option of the menu. Is there a way to copy multiple entries in one shot?

3. The Help file did not come up the first time I tried to open it. I had to browse to locate it, but subsequently when I closed and re-opened WadEdit the Help file came up fine. I am speculating here, but I think that every time an updated exwe.exe is installed the location of the Help files is forgotten.

4. It would be great if you could allow scripts to be edited. The way it's set up right now, the script scrolls down too fast to be readable, and then only the last part of the script is available for editing. (I realize that the script would typically be edited in the author's map editor, but incorporating this feature in WadEdit may not be a bad thing.)

5. Is the Linedef display feature new? (I know there was a place holder there before, but I vaguely remember that no linedefs were being displayed in earlier versions.) It looks sweet, especially with the grid.

Excellent work, dude!

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1. Done. Doom images are saved as 8 bit bitmaps with the Doom palette, other images are saved as 24 bit.

2. This wasn't possible before, but it is now. Select any images and use Entry|Save As.

3. Fixed.

4. This was possible before too, but there was no side scrollbar. Touched it up a bit. Also compiles and re-inserts the BEHAVIOR lump.

5. That's been lurking around for a while quietly. Only for viewing right now.


Today I released the first 'official' XWE, no known bugs, everything is clean and nice. The new Copy/Paste feature makes WAD management even easier.

The whole image handling was re-written, it's much better. This means that JPGs and GIFs can also be imported and are automatically converted to Doom images. Also import/export works well: e.g. you can import all images from Quake3 in one step.

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loser said:

Today I released the first 'official' XWE, no known bugs, everything is clean and nice. The new Copy/Paste feature makes WAD management even easier.

That's fantastic news! Plus, the ability to import JPGs and GIFs that are automatically converted into DooM images is an excellent and time-saving feature. (However, I guess we'd still need to check the converted images to make sure the colors are fine, right? Converting a 24-bit JPEG image into a 256-color bitmap frequently causes color mismatches.)

You mentioned an example of importing all images from Q3 in one step. I have not yet used EXWE for importing stuff, but I imagine I could select multiple entries for import instead of importing ALL the images, right?

Thanks again, and keep the Faith, man!

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Actually it takes two steps to import all the Q3 images.

1.) Open the .PK3 file, select all images, and click Entry|Save As.

2.) Open your .WAD file, click Entry|Load and select the all the images you just saved.

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