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Texture Trick Using Paint Shop

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I discovered a little trick on resizing graphics while working on the Gloom textures. You graphics gods out there probably already know this but I just discovered it.

In Paint Shop Pro, increase your color depth to 16 million colors. On the menu select:

Colors->Increase Colors Depth->16 million.

Then to change the size select from the menu Image->Resample. In the resize dialog set the new size and click OK. The new resized image will look pretty good. I used this technique to reduce the size of the Gloom textures from 256 pixels to 128 without a lot of distortion.

After resizing the image then change the color depth back. If converting images to the Doom palette, resize first then convert to the Doom colors.

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What version of PSP are you using?

The reason I ask is recent versions of PSP (at least ver 6 and 7 maybe 5) have a default setting of "smart size" in the resize dialogue. This will automatically use resampling for 24 bit images and traditional resizing for less than 24 bit images. The default can be over ridden. So normally all you have to do is up the colours to 16 million and hit Shift-S.

But yes, you are right, this can dramatically improve the result when resizing graphics.

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I am using 4.5. I saw no reason to upgrade to the newer versions since this version does all I need. Maybe I should though given what you have said. :)

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