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DDFCMPDM - A new project by myself

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Hello people. I doubt any of you are aware of this by now, but my LIFETIME IN LIMBO project just crashed no thanks to DoomEd's faulty handling of the Watermap lump I was planning on using in my levels. I have created NEW levels for a NEW project (Keeping my older project in check) called (None other than) DDFCOMPDM, as some of you might've downloaded and played this before, COMP DM is truly a cool little program to play for Doom2, it comes pre-zipped with its own levels made by old-time (Once very popular in the world of Doom) wad authors and veterans (Such as Danzig.wad), and it would allow you to start levels off in Deathmatch mode facing off against computer-generated deathmatch opponents, following all the same deathmatch rules, and all the players would have no abilities unfair to others. (I.E it is still possible to kill the red asshole with the BFG even if you have a chaingun), I intend to revive this project with two versions of COMP-DM: An ICD-DDF mod (done very well by Cory Whittle) for a more "modern-day" representation of urban warfare, (using DDF-generated players, which have all player attributes, etc.), and a normal high-tech weapons regular Doom2 mod (Just DDF enhanced with levels) Each level so far has been made by me, and WILL implement RTS for ending levels. As soon as the player is killed, he will lose and be forced to restart the level just like any ordinary single-player game, however, in order to BEAT the level, he must kill all the other players to exit.

I do plan to use all the tutorials people have given me about DDF (Thanks a million, Marc), Wintex, and various other level tidbits. Thanks goes out to all people who had the patience to help me learn all the new stuff. :)

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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Guest fragg

Astew.... your ambitious project sounds really fine.
Go to it, and keep us posted on progress.
Best o'luck

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