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DeepSea newbie...?

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This is for anyone that can explain DeepSea to me.

First off, I'm used to a really simple editor that I have (regrettably) been using most of the time I've been editing - DoomEd 4.2. It's probably the easiest editor ever made to use, but the most problem-riddled editor I've ever seen. (But it's not THAT bad) I have started to use most recently, DoomCad and DeepSea, (Which are very kickass editors by my book), and I'm just wondering, what are some pointers to get me on my way for it? (I'm planning on using it for DDFCMPDM) I need help basically with DeepSea at the moment. :) When my project is finished, it'll rule! :)

Andy (School is out in three hours or so! YAY!)

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There are very many posts here specifically on DeePSea, so scroll down and read away to your heart's content. The editor also has (IMO) one of the best help files available for a DooM editor; give them a read.

If all else fails, ask specific questions here. Plenty of helpful people will respond -- Jack of SBSoftware (the creator of DeePSea) and Nigel Rowand (www.btinternet.com/~Enjay001) are extremely knowledgeable about DeePSea and explain things very well.

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As Rex noted, the topic "Oh by the way", about 16 down from your post is one suggestion for a quick start for DeePsea. Basically if you click on the Help on the menu bar, there are 3 Tutorial sections. The interactive one is the easiest.

Finally got real pictures in the Tutorial help section to replace the not-so-pretty ascii art:) Some more will be added as I get time.

In a few days I'll post the update and also a separately downloadable alternate help file. This is a new Win html oriented format (chm) with some advantages like being able to print all at once and browse and click from the left topic side.

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