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Guest HoJohnTitus

Totally F@#$ED-UP DeHackED Problem

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Guest HoJohnTitus

Ok, so I got DeHackEd all ready 2 go, but when I run it, all the fields on the right side of the screen say ERROR in red letters. And none of the sample patches work, and neither do my own. This never happened before. What should I do?

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This happens when you have the wrong doom EXE version specified in DEHACKED.INI. The most common mistake is to set it for the wrong version 1.9. There are 2 version 1.9s, one that has support for the "Thy Flesh Consumed" episode, and one that doesn't. If you are using anything other than version 1.9, you'd be as well to upgrade to it.

from the INI file:

# Doom version #
# 0 for Doom 1 1.666
# 1 for Doom 2 1.666
# 2 for Doom 2 1.7, 1.7a
# 3 for Doom x 1.9
# 4 for Ultimate Doom 1.9
version = 4

You should set the "version = " line to correctly reflect the doom EXE version you have.

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Guest Someguy

On the topic of DeHacked problems, I have Doom II version 1.666 and even when the version option in DeHacked.INI is set correctly, DeHacked corrupts my executables. I at first thought I must have installed a patch or something and reinstalled the executable off the CD, but the same thing happens.
It all seems to display fine in DeHacked, but after making and saving any modifications, the game crashes as soon as I select a difficulty level in the game.
It's not my version of dehacked either. I have 3.1 and the copy of it from the same zip archive works fine with my version of ultimate doom.
What's going on???

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