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Guest Someguy

State table and code pointers?

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Guest Someguy

I have 2 questions.

I have recently been messing with the code pointers in the state table (Or Frame table as it's called in DeHacked) and am wondering if there is a list of code pointers and what they do. There was a document on this site somewhere which had a list of states and there effects, but it was too vague and sketchy to be of any real use.

I have worked out what alot of them do, including the so called 'magic' code pointer, but others seem to have no effect.

Second, does anyone know the mechanism that doom uses for reading code pointers from the state table. Simply changing the code pointer dosn't seem to work and after some investigation (I have no life :) found that DeHacked modifies a what seems to be a large table about 100Kb into the executable. This is far to repetative to be code, but I can't seem to get any consistently valid pointers from the data within it.

I think if the code that these states call can be located, with a little modification, the code for things like the 'magic' code pointer could be sufficiently changed so that they work differently (ie use different actors or activate on different levels). This could be of some use to someone?

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