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What's your opinion?
Yay being highest, bah being lowest, meh being in between.

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One question; How are you supposed to find the secret characters?
I beat the first bonus stage with all four existing characters (getting every single star), but it still didn't help me much.
I'm trying to do that with the second bonus stage, but I can't even beat them, let alone worrying about the stars.

Am I on the right track?
By the way, annoying bug; If you die on the second bonus round, it jumps you back to the first one and you have to go back to the game menu and reselect it.

Oh, and the second stormtrooper stage, I get to what seems like the end, and I still need two more of those whatever they are, and I'm stuck where I am. This is after randomly teleporting which only takes me to one of the four spots where I get stuck at.

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