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flame thrower

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how would i make a flame thrower shoot a certain distance like in twilight warrior? i guess i have to make a .deh file i guess.
i would also like to know how to make tha ammo unlimited. im sorta new to doom editing and all this new shit for doom but i like it!!! also, is there any way to make a ramp in a level?

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One by one:

Flamethrower: just make the projectile disappear after a while. Make a sequence of frames for the gun's projectile, and make the last one point to 0 instead of the first frame. No biggie.

Unlimited ammo: in the F4 menu of Dehacked, change the ammo type of the weapon to "5."

Ramps: no.

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Guest spacedog

or you could make it subject to gravity and just use the mancubus flames

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