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Peter Heinemann

KILL! Zone

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This WAD is a must!

**** KILL! Zone v1.0 [Episode one] "The Trek Begins" ****
Created by: Don Howard


or on WalnutCreek ftp.cdrom.com

1.1MB zipped, 7 big (!) Levels

I think it is a well done piece! I have not seen such a complex and creative level-design for a long time (or before). It is a slaughterhouse. Sometimes, I was really frightened by such a violent combat. The levels are sometimes a bit quake-ish and makes very good use of 3-D (I mean, they are not flat). The lightning is nice, too. Some people do not like death-traps like the sewer in level 3, but I think it fits good to this wad. You should be able to play it with original Doom2, with a few visplane-error here and there, and I can remember one HOM-error, but it looked funny.

After finishing level two, I combined KILL! Zone with the sound-and graphics wads of Roks-Doom, a Legacy Deathmatch-Mod, and played it with the roks-hacked MacDoom-exe (I use a PowerMacintosh, so "exe" is not true). The sounds of Roks-Doom and its gray sky are now added to KILL! Zone´s sound-atmosphere and that is a great combination. (without Roks it is great too, especially the shot-sounds of the barons :-) Even though Roks has a high-speed chaingun, a napalm-minelauncher and a flamethrower, I do not think this is like cheating. Maybe it is a little like cheating, because Roks replaces Kill!Zone´s "Chaingun-fire from nowhere" (you will be shot, but cannot see any enemy) with friendly ambient wind sounds (Have found this out after finishing "Kill !Zone", have to play it once again).

I cannot understand, that I have not seen it reviewed before on the net.
I got it by browsing WalnutCreek´s directorys for a wad with a similar name:

Craig J. Dudle: "KILLZONE" about 270 kb

"KILLZONE" is nice, you cannot compare it with "Kill! Zone". Kill! Zone will rock you down!

and try

Osiris, an egyptian-theme TC with 8 Levels, great new weapons, monsters, sounds (2 MB zipped)


Both are well worth the download-time.

search for
A Fistful of DooM (fistful3.zip)

Wildwest (wildwest.zip)

both for Doom2, both western theme wads (like "Boothill")

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