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Guest jonkun

Looking for VOODOO's wad (please help...)

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Guest jonkun

Does anyone remember an old Doom II wad called "Voodoo's Wad"? It may have gone by another name also. It had the midi's of "Anotherone bites the dust" and many other cool songs that I can't remember. I had one map that was like the first stage from Doom II except edited so you could go all the way around. Also, one stage was a very simple stage with only rocket launcher. It was just like 2 long hallways crossing each other and then another passage from each hallway. (it was outdoors) Anyway, this wad is CLASSIC and I would really love to get a hold of it again.

If you do know it, please, pleeeaasseee drop me an email at jonathandownin@hotmail.com

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