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S I E B E N B Ü R G E N - V 1.1

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Siebenbürgen v1.1 is available now. I didn't do it, however - Sparky (from KISS Software, you know), did. The level remains exactly alike, but now there are some cool graphics added. They are sort of ominous and prepares you for what lies ahead... Wha ha ha.


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Shit you're fast !!!!
I only just sent it to you ;)

Seriously, I love this guy's maps.
Do yourself a favour and get them all...
um.... marduk.zip dawn.zip sieben11.zip
and um... I've forgotten one.

Hey Grul,
give everyone here a list of the links.
Better yet, get hosted by Doomworld and
get the recognition you deserve!


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Sparky said:

um.... marduk.zip dawn.zip sieben11.zipand um... I've forgotten one.

cradle.zip ;)

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