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Hell's Shores Await

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I'm starting out as a mapper. I'm doing a remake of "Shores of Hell," episode 2 of DOOM. I'll be using doom2 (more resources for dehacked work, more than 9 maps allowed) and MBF (DOOM-style play and additional editing/dehacked support that will come in handy for the project).

I have already started work on new sprites. I will make more than 9 maps if people join me. The idea is to make 2 or more interconnected maps per original e2m#. Anyone can join if they feel they can create decent maps. The maps will have the mood and general texturing of the originals, but the layout will be left to the creator's whim. This is a good opportunity for anyone who wants to hone his or her mapping skills and get to work on DOOM stuff with other people. And if you are already experienced/skilled you won't find me complaining. :-)

Email me if you're interested. I'll give you more details.

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Damnit Myk! Why couldn't you have announced something about this sooner. This sounds like a neat project. Unfortunately I am already committed to helping Jason Root (aka Hellbent) with an Inferno style episode for Doom1. This project is comming along very well. Two maps are pretty much done and work is advancing along nicely on the others so I really want to stick with it. I don't have enough time to work on two projects at once. Arrrgh! C'est la vie. Anyway, good luck finding some people to help you out. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)

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