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glLegacy wads - any recommendations

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I'm playing inf-lutz.wad for Ultimate Doom at the moment, and it's majorly cool with glLegacy - lots of torches, cool lighting, etc.

Does anyone know if there's any Doom/Doom2 wads out there SPECIFICALLY made for the OPenGL source ports? Must have LOTS of dark areas with torches, lots of plasma, etc.

I was going to search my wad archive for specific items such as torches (SMRT SMBT SMGT etc) but then someone out there may have already gone down this path...

Any suggestions?

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Guest Psycho

Yes, ZanZan. It uses ZDoomGL though...

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Guest SlayeR

I was thinking of doing something like that for ZdoomGL with lots of lighting, etc. I am waiting for kokak to implement 'light' objects that can be placed around levels to light them up. I would do one for GL Legacy, but it crashes waaay too much on my system (even more often than ZdoomGL, can you believe it???)

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