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Guest redwarrior

voice actor for patch?

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Guest redwarrior

Alright, it sounds completely idiotic, but hear this out...
I'm trying to make a semi-decent partial conversion for the marine, but I can't do the voicing. I need someone who'd be willing to record the samples I'd need to do a new voice over for the marine since the default one doesn't suit the character I'm placing in.
The character is one of my own, Chevron, a blue-haired anime-style guy. Weird? It is. I've tried without success to find him a voice, but not bein' a guy myself it makes it a bit hard (the results were funny, but useless >_<).
So anyone want to try and help this patch get off the ground? It isn't much of a project, but it's my first so gimmie a break! I need a wav sound sample from anyone who wants to attempt be his VA! Thanks.
the picture's a little old and not that great, but that's basicially him... *cough cough*

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