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Edge TC, need's help

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Positions needed for DooM Relapse:

Mappers (atleast two, perferable one who can do edge tricks)

Gfx artists (atleast two, perferable ones good at making demonoids and humanoids)

Sound/Music(mp3) men (not a biggy, so last on list)

A DDF Coder (atleast one, must know alot of DDF tricks and features)

Btw, This TC is of gothic demons in an urban setting, so anybody wanting to join plz keep in mind.

If your interested in joining
email: diptera_necro@hotmail.com
icq: 33008733
AIM: DipteraNecroHart
I'll perfer a sample of your work, unless your well known like Wildman or Fanatic

and a beta will be released soon, i'll anounse when it is

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I consider myself a moderate/good ddf coder, esp with attacks.ddf and things.ddf

I am also a good sprite artist, but for large sprites (like the demons you talk of) I often need a base to work from.

I will help you with these monsters if I can.
What style are they? (horns & claws & red skin, teethy/fangs, disgusting, spirit-like, etc...)

Would I be able to use the "serpent rider" from hexen (the "green demon" as wintex calls it). I can't wait to actually use that for something.

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