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Guest PainoMan

Perdition's Gate and other recommendations

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Guest PainoMan

Many months ago I saw this Doom II addon cd called "Perditions Gate" in the $1.99 bin and being somewhat of a Doom collector, I picked it up.

It lay forgotten until last night when I decided to install it into a clean Doom II dir and then process the pwad so I can include it in my regular setup of UltraLaunch 2.05 which is by far, the BEST Doom frontend ever made. Unfortunately, the author seemed to have dropped off the planet years back. Good thing I registered it way back then!. Now, if I can just get a dos source port with good joystick support (see my rant in the Ports section) to use with it, I'll a very happy Doomer.

Well, to my surprise, this Megawad is actually pretty good! I may not be the best judge of Doom levels because I like them ALL, but this one really seems professionally done and challenging.

Some other recommendations (all for Doom unless otherwise noted):

Cheese.wad - aka: McDoom! - Play it and you'll see why!

gravyd.wad - The Graveyard and Beyond - This one should be called "Phantasm" because it definitly reminds me of the movie. All it needs is the flying fork-ball.

maulhigh.wad (maulhi2.wad for Doom2) - Maul High - Much fun!

hotelhel.wad and hotlhell.wad - Hotel Hell - Both for Doom II and both excellent!

8isenuf.wad - Sirus 4 - I had finished about half of Knee Deep in the Dead when I found out you could get and play user created levels. This was the first one I found (on a BBS mind you...) and to this day I've never completed Doom or Doom II.

The Fiffy Series - If you don't like 'em... TOUGH... REoL TOUGH!!

I have a wad somewhere that is so cool... you go throught this one room, and later on it appears that you make your way back to this room only now the room is upside down and yer walkin' on the ceiling! And another one that has a big Texas state flag on the floor and some cool egyption-style textures. I gotta find these two and when I do, I'll post the names.

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Guest PainoMan

I've found the two wads I mentioned above. They are:

rot_e2m1.wad - Vengeance

necropol.wad - The damn thing flips upside down on ya!

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