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Guest PainoMan

Problem w/Sparky's Mars Dehacked Patch

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Guest PainoMan

I've been trying to get Sparky's updated Mars Missions to play on regular Doom2, but I have a problem with the Dehacked patch. After loading and creating a new .exe, I get the error: "game mode indeterminate" when I try to run it.

Can anybody help out?


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Woops, sorry about that.
This problem only occurs with 'Plain Vanilla' Doom2, so ignore this if you use Source Ports.

To fix the problem, just delete the following lines from the deh file before running it through DeHackEd:
Text 9 8

The original authors have dropped this project (the ZDoom-only version is still coming) so I'll be uploading my modified version to cdrom.com soon.

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