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I doubt that this message will be well recieved, but...
I have a rather short attention span, so I have been working on the same Doom level for over 5 years. I just can't gather enough motivation to get started again, but once I start everything clicks. Can anyone help me get started?

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EllipsusD said:

hmm...I was asking more for what you guys do to get motivated.

i usualy get my motivation from a song, show, dream, story, feelings, and every day stuff.

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Even though my HDs are bursting from downloads and I own a dozen of AddOn-CDs, I still feel hungry for your WAD, please make it! I am also pregnant with some ideas and vague plots (got by dreams at night) and still waiting for some asskick helping me to realize it.

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Guest DoomSource


there are two kinds of people...

1) those who start something and finish it (Proud of what they did no matter if its crap or not)

2) those who never finish nothing in their life

I can only tell you this... IM not number 2)

Go on... Go Out... See your girlfriend :)

and FINISH the damn WAD... i want to play it :)

PS: this post has not the intention to be rude... but to say... 5 years making a WAD ??? lol

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