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Malice Rancor

Favorite levels

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Guest Firebrandt

That first level must 'ave been the scariest level I have ever played. No map, no weapons and, err.. no enemies (well a couple of lost souls don't count)--but it was still scary as hell.

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Guest PainoMan

Let's see...

anything by Dr. Sleep (dante25.wad and acheron22.wad are on cdrom.com, the rest of the Inferno (not Lutz') are included in the Master Levels)
graveyd.wad (I think that's the spelling)
infinity.wad, eternity.wad, serenity.wad (not necessarily in that order)
uacdead.wad (of course)
trinity2.wad (the 2 means version 2, not part 2)

and many, many, many, many more...

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