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Oh well :(

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Not quite "no" interest. Some of us did speak out. And for every one of us that did, there are probably a dozen who didn't.

Sparky, you know very well that most people who visit these forums are not famous for their encouragement. You probably also know that if you make it they'll take it. Therefore, if you're having fun converting those levels keep doing it. Otherwise, I'm not sure that you will get much satisfaction from waiting for the community to show their appreciation.

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I don't know how this ended up being a new post;
I was wondering where it disappeared to.

Rex, I hear what you're saying, and you're right.
It's just that I'm running out of illegal stuff to fix in the Doom Archive, so I've started 'fixing' old Dmgraph/Dmaud and D2 (.pat) patches. This seems to upset some people in the community, especially if I can't get permission from the original authors. A lot of the really old patches were made by students, and of course their email addresses have long since vanished.

Anyway, if I'm getting in strife updating this old stuff, then converting Final Doom user levels to Doom2 would definately upset some people. I couldn't upload them to cdrom.com because they would have copyrighted textures/flats, and Ty's the last person I would want to upset.

I'll let you know if I get around to converting them for
"my own use".

At this rate, I might have to start making maps myself from scratch, or maybe join a project team
... dread the thought ;)

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Actually, I'd think that a project team would really benefit from your services, particularly your ability to spot unnecessary or duplicative space (sectors) and minimize the file size. Granted that the illegal/DMGraph/DMaud issues would not arise in current projects, but there's other stuff that you do well.

About converting stuff without the permission of the original authors, if I remember rightly Ty said that he values your contribution in reducing archive size and streamlining the wads. And really, he's the only arbiter in this matter. If he thinks it's OK for you to change the original without the author's express permission then you don't have a problem.

About Final DooM conversions, I agree that you shouldn't upload them to cdrom.com. However, doing things the way you did before (i.e., making them available at your site) wouldn't piss Ty off one bit. About pissing other people off, I don't recall anybody being pissed off when you announced your recent Final DooM conversion. In fact I think people probably downloaded the levels and played them without the faintest thought of complaining.

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ReX said:

If he thinks it's OK for you to change the original without the author's express permission then you don't have a problem.In fact I think people probably downloaded the levels and played them with

Up until recently that hasn't been an issue because wads containing illegal .exe's and sprites HAVE to be removed (or edited), so author's permission is irrelevant.

Also, anything that reduces the size of the archive is a good thing because we're probably very lucky to have that archive seeing it has no commercial value to Walnut Creek. The Quake archive just got too big, and we know what happened to that!

Modifying stuff like old Dmgraph/Dmaud/D2 patches is a different matter, and it took me nearly 2 years to convince Ty that it was a good idea. He's got me on a short leash though, so paranoids like Sweedish Fish have nothing to worry about ;)

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