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I have zdoom and I installed wadauthor, but in its folder it gives me to programe files and no start up option, and I cant use ms dos, I have winme.

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To run WadAuthor with ZDooM you need to use the configuration file (.wcf) for ZDooM. It is available in the downloads section of zdoom.notgod.com. Plus, if you want to be able to test your ZDooM level within WadAuthor you need to edit your .ini file.

For details on installing, configuring, and initializing WadAuthor to edit in native ZDooM mode, read Rick "Wild Man" Clark's tutorials. They are available at:


Btw, when you install WadAuthor, do you have an .exe file named wauthor? If so, then clicking on that file will get you started with the configuration process.

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