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Guest Fanatic

QDOOM Episode 1 and 2 Release

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Guest Fanatic

This thread is to discuss whether or not you think it's a good idea to release QDOOM episode 1 and 2 soon (per the news at my homepage, http://www.doomworld.com/fanatic ). Feel free to argue amongst yourselves. :)

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What's the matter, running out of time to finish episode 3? You know, you COULD call in a little backup help ;) Anyways... I can still wait at least a few months for E3 to be completed, but if you're certain it will never happen, I might suggest you put E3M1 and E3M2 as secret maps in the first two episodes. (If I recall correctly, you mentioned having those two near-complete a few months ago.)

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well, gee...

tough decision...

altho it don't matter to me...

how's this? why not release the first two episodes but try to put in a decent storyline (i could do this ya know :P i'm a decent writer)...

and slowly, maybe once a week, do maybe 30 minutes worth of work on episode 3?

it could work...

this reminds me...

heh, i found three songs that work great with your levels...

remember your old, old, old outro song? the one from ultima?

i still have that song. and it works great for map 0.

e1m1- the cure - the same deep water as you
e1m3- cthulhu - strange aeons


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Guest Firebrandt

I think that QDoom should definitely be released, whether finished or not, because I'm sure many people here could do great things with the resources included. (I mean, it's basically an entire new IWAD) :)

I would wait until the release of EDGE v1.25 tho, and then decide whether to finish it or release it in it's unfinished state.

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