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Guest xaero

Weird stuff in Doom2 /Boom.

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Guest xaero

Hi there.

Re: another post a while ago on this subject, I was playing doom2 map11 nm one time when i came to the Archvile room.

So far so good, I decided to walk outside the map to see
what i could see, after walking around about 15 km from
the main level i stopped in one place which seemed to be
an area which seemed to be full of all the sounds in the level.

Here: x 32737
y 2374

When i was in this area i could hear demons running around
and then they started to attack me!
But they were invisible...


I just want to know what this is once and for all.

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Speaking about invisible demons, one time I played Map 30 on God mode just to see how many enemies it would take to choke my computer. Instead of hordes of enemies, after a while I started getting attacked by invisible ones. Couldn't figure it out.

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its beacause there's a limit to how many monsters Doom will actually DRAW. They're still there but they won't get drawn =)

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