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missing wad from the Xornox series

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It looks like there's 17 wads in the Xornox series, and guess which one's missing from cdrom.com? That's right... the last wad in the series! Does anyone know where I can find iceboss.zip ?

I remember seeing it in /incoming last year, but it never made it into the archive for some reason.

I'd like to play this series, but I'm not even going to start if I haven't got the final map :(

Please help.

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Guest Cacodemon Leade

It's all the Manager of FTP.CDROM.COM's Fault! He destroyed a perfectly good WAD file! He must pay if he doesn't put it back up! Actually, there are more WADs than you think, you still have the Jungle Fiend, Desert Fiend, and Xornox himself!!

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