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The first release of a Malcolm Sailor "scrap"

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Ettin Etiquette by Sparky of KISS Software.

etinetiq.wad is based on map03 from ms1.wad of Malcolm Sailor's recently released msscraps.zip

Here's the link on cdrom.com:

I'd appreciate any feedback on this.


Here's the description from the text file:

The last time you saw these Ettin creatures,
they were slower and weaker. These two-
headed monsters from the Hexen universe are
now in Hell, and would you believe it...
you're out of ammo! You may as well dump
your weapons 'cause you won't find any ammo
here; the Ettin have never been known to use
anything other than a spiked mace. You'd
better find yourself a Mace of Retribution
(a.k.a. Power Mace) quickly, or the locals
in this corner of Hell are going to give you
a lesson in the finer points of...


BTW, can anyone explain to me why the lmp demo recorded with 'Plain Vanilla' Doom II will only play back with doom2.exe and the latest PrBoom? Every demo I've made, the player jumps off a cliff when played back with ANY other source port !!!!
Is it something obscure I've done in the DeHackEd patch?

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All the ports change stuff that mess up demos recorded with other ports or the original .exe's.

It's kinda like trying to play back a demo using a different .deh than it was recorded with.

However, PRBoom has been designed to play back demos made with the standard .exe

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Hi Sparky:

I played Ettin Etiquette and quite enjoyed it, as I am very comfortable running around with just the Berserk abilities. (As a matter of fact, the first levels I ever created only provided the Berserk pack.) 162 enemies was quite a bit, and the first time I played it I missed the Mace of Retribution in the shadows and wondered when I was going to split some Ettin skulls. I kept going, picked up the yellow key, and thought I'd get the Mace then. But no luck. Finally, I re-started and found the Mace.

Thanks for the level.


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Thanks ReX,

glad you enjoyed it.
I must admit, using fists is new to me so I probably didn't make it hard enough for the Tyson-studs. I considered not adding a mace at all for skill 4, but then I thought it'd be too boring with just 1 enemy and 1 weapon.

I hope we get to see more of these msscraps.zip wads revisited.
Hint, hint ppl out there with limited map-making skills like myself ;-)

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Sparky said:

I considered not adding a mace at all for skill 4, but then I thought it'd be too boring with just 1 enemy and 1 weapon.

There's a second weapon? All I found was the Mace in the second room that opens up.

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