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Editing wads

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I want to start making my own levels for Doom. what do I need to start? I imagine I need an editor, but which one? Is there anything else?

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Guest Firebrand

Well, it depends on which engine you want to make them (ZDOOM, BOOM, etc.) after that, you must decide if it will use new graphics, textures, etc. for that you will need Wintex, and for the levels, repeating, you will need diferent editors...

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From my post to a similar question recently:

"You could become an editing god and be worshipped by millions simply by visiting:


Begin small, with a manageable project to wet your feet. If you aspire to create the next new Mega-game you will quickly get frustrated and quit. Familiarize yourself with an editor and practice the basics. Open up other peoples' levels and see how they got things to work. Ask questions on these forums.

Good luck."

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Hmm, some of those FAQs haven't been updated in months. Could someone point me to an updated one, or atleast supply me a link to an good editor with good documentation?

Thank you

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NBv4 said:

Hmm, some of those FAQs haven't been updated in months.

Actually, the basics of editing have not changed that much. So FAQs on editing really don't need to be updated that often. If you're referring to FAQs on the editors themselves, to my knowledge there is only one editor (DeePSea) that is periodically upgraded, and that's because it's a commercial product. Therefore FAQs on most editors are unlikely to be updated.

Choosing a good editor is like choosing a car. You need to take it for a test drive and see what you like best. DeePSea and WadAuthor are excellent level editors, but there are plenty of other editors that people swear by. There is a shareware version of DeePSea (available through DooMWorld or through the official website at www.sbsoftware.com). If you like it you can buy the full version, which does not impose limits on map size (like the shareware version does). WadAuthor is also shareware, but gives you the full range of editing capabilities in the shareware version. The editor becomes disabled if you have not registered within 15 days.

DeePSea has got plenty of help documentation. Otherwise, ask Nigel Rowland for help on these forums. He is a dedicated and knowledgeable DeePSea user. WadAuthor also has decent help documentation. However, to make it easy to use, Rick "Wild Man" Clark has kindly put together all the help files into a single document. You can get it here:


I would still point you to a couple of excellent editing tutorials. Ron Allen & Bill McClendon's handbook:


John Bishop's handbook:


Remember that there is no magic bullet for creating a good map. Practice, and observing other people's work for ideas, seem to be the best recipe. Hope this helps.

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