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must... program... need... info!

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Hello all. Will try to keep this short.
(will not succeed)
I started a project of a whole episode
for DooM 1 when DooM 2 was not even
thought of yet.
I completed it back in 1996 already.
(9 missions [different skill-levels],
mission-map & some menugraphics replaced)
The levels are cool and all (at least
*I* think so :) - but it's DooM 1...

My Thoughts:
- It would look better in 800x600
- need more, different textures...

My Problem:
was using DEU 5.2 GCC (Go32) before
(yes, DOS-Based) plus the BSP 1.2
for Nodes. Old Stuff.

My Quest(ion):
Please reccomend:
- Editor to use that is at least as powerful
and reliable as DEU 5.2 GCC (and BSP 1.2)
- What DooM-version to use... I'm tempted
to convert it all to DooM 2 or such.
Please apply:
- For reviewing / Level-Testing... they
are all ready and well playable.

Thanks folks!

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Guest idfan

I use DEU II (or is it DEU2?) for my Doom 2 level editing.
It's a natural move to go from Deu 5.2 to Deu II, imho.

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