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*feels repeatative* I need map makers...

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look, i've asked a couple times now, and i'm pretty sure there has to be a map maker guy out there somewhere, i mean... cheeses kryst ppl.

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As I've said before, people are busy working on their 32 (or more) level TC, with brand new enemies, weapons, music, textures, etc, and wondering why they can't get anyone else to help.

It's because everyone else is doing the exact same thing. Therefore they end up either scrapping the project and flaming the entire community for not getting help, or "borrowing" all their graphics, music, etc from another game or project.

The best way to get help on your project is to volunteer to help someone with their project, then once it's done, ask them to return the favour.

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DarkStorm said:

There has to be a map maker guy out there somewhere

I can make and edit levels for doom and doom2, and I would help you, but two things:

1:I have no internet connection

2:my brother is a dickhead, and won't let me reinstall Wadauthor and Doom 2 for DOS.

and I'm not all that bad at mking maps, either!

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