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Doom Chronicles WIP released

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If anyone has checked out the website I supplied, you would know that the Doom Chronicles series is aiming to fill the rather vast expanses in the Doom storyline. Chapter Four takes place just as the invasion of Earth is happening, and it takes place in a UAC Starport currently under construction. The aim of the maps included in the WIP is to get the power grid back on. Once the grid is on in the full version, power for the whole complex will be turned back on so you will be able to explore it fully, but in this WIP, you can only access critical areas needed to turn the power grid on. The maps are currently still in the middle of being built (see the Downloads section on the web page for details on progress of the maps). The aim of releasing this Work In Progress is to get feedback on various aspects of the series. If you have any constructive criticism, please forward it to gooberman@metallica.com.
Where do you get it? http://www.geocities.com/gooberman_and_friends/doom_chronicles would be a great place to start.
Adios for now

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I visited your site, and I must say that you have undertaken an ambitious and innovative project. Even though it's been done before, I like your idea of getting the power grid back on. Plus the whole starport under construction theme is cool. Other neat ideas are scripted sequences and speech. I'll take a look at your WIP and give you feedback.


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Yeah, the power grid being turned back on is a tried-and-tested theme (I even used it myself a few years back for a rather crap quality set of levels which were my first ever serious attempts - father deleted them in his eternal wisdom :) ), but the full implications of turning the power grid back on will only become apparent once you play through the full completed chapter.

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GooberMan said:

/me still patiently waits for some feedback....

Been tied up with real-life commitments. I'll check it out soon and let you know.

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I spent a couple of hours playing the WIP of the DooM Chronicles and made a few notes. I have some feedback to offer in 2 areas:


1. Fairly decent fight situations, starting with the trap after the cacodemons in the open lava area at the beginning. Decent fights with the barons in Power Grid, although you could have added another one at ground level in the crates area for more of a challenge. Having a baron on top of crates makes it an easy target with little risk to yourself. On the other hand, fighting imps in the semi-darkness of the ducts in Climate Control was spooky and fun.

2. Navigating the crates was somewhat of a challenge, but interesting in its own way. I suggest that after the first quake, when the crates come down, you could drop some crates in places where the player can jump up to places already visited. The way it is set up now, the player has to backtrack to the forklift and go through the jumps again.

3. I realize that you're still working on the levels, but I could not make progress beyond a certain point in Power Grid. After inserting the rods and the lights come on, I explored areas I'd already been to, but could not figure out where else to go. (I'll try again in a while, but I was stumped.) I returned to the courtyard areas, but no new areas had opened up.

4. Nice placement of chainsaw, and other goodies in the crates.

5. Nice ammo balance mid-game.

6. In the Control Center, you may want to provide a hint that the consoles can be activated. I wandered about for quite a while before coming back to the Control Center to press the consoles.

7. Testing of rod integrity/alignment should not be repeatable.


Overall the maps had a base feel to them, although there were some areas done in marble, which didn't go with the base theme.

Nice courtyard with fountain and tree. Nice broken doors, walls, etc.

Texture alignment needs work. For example, in chapter selection area, you need to upper and lower unpeg the sidedefs of doors and windows. Also, the stairway going down to Power Grid needs y-offet alignment.

The polyobject swinging door in the control center has a problem (which you've already pointed out).

East of the control room is an EMPTY room. You may want to fill it with something, anything. (I realize this is a WIP, but I'm just pointing this out as a reminder.)

Decent lighting in the corridors around the courtyard, but hardly any lighting variations in the warehouse. Plus, no light sources in the warehouse seems a little odd.

In the Climate Control Center, the wall adjacent to the ramp going up to the "observation lounge" has no thickness. In the same area, the computer consoles in the rear row of the control center are not centered, and don't look like consoles. The dead marine on the chair obscures the desk switch, which is a skull motif -- perhaps you should use a tech-type switch.


Overall, the scripting, is nice, and the fights are decent. I suggest you work on style a little and you'll have an enjoyable hub on your hands. Good luck.

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Thanks for the feedback, I've been hanging out to get some so I know what areas need improving.

OK, now I'll give you feedback on your feedback to let you know what else will be going on in the hub.

1: I originally had Barons on the floor, but I can't remember why I removed them. I'll put them back in.
2: I hadn't thought of making more crates tumble, but now that I think of it it'll make things easier. Did you work out how to get up to where the Soul Sphere and the Baron is? I made that one sneaky on purpose :)
3: I still need to add a bit more scripting for the control room and generally finish it up, but basically once you turn the power grid on you go back to the entrance from the courtyard and our friend the Icon Of Sin makes an appearance on the computer screens and says something. After he finishes speaking, it should cut out to a credits screen. What beta version of ZDoom are you using? I think I had troubles with one of the versions and the Teleport_Newmap special.
4: With the goodies placement, I wanted to make people ask themselves if they wanted to waste time getting weapons and ammo that they might not need. (In regards to the above mentioned secret, it's a good idea to get the chainsaw if you wish to access it though).
5: When placing the ammo, I basically tried to give enough to kill all the Barons. With the Super Shotgun, you can kill them in 6 shots/12 shells, but on average it's 7 shots/14 shells, so I gave enough to cover that. In the vents with the imps, I think I might have gone a bit overboard with all the extra shotgun ammo... but no doubt you'll loose it all when I finish downstairs near the rods.
6: I have a screen on the side of the room which says what systems are online. I might play around with the positioning of that (perhaps have a screen hanging off the roof)
7: I've been meaning to change the script so that once a rod is locked in place it won't check it again.

The marble and startan3 textures are just temporary until I either find a texture I like enough for the area in the Doom2 wad or get a custom texture for the job (I'll probably be getting custom textures for the elevators)
I'll be adding more broken walls, the Barons (I really should call em Billy's to stay in the theme of things) will be wreaking even more havoc, the courtyard still isn't finished (the tree will be made to look more tree-like with quite a few slopes), and the surrounding walkways in the courtyard will get a few more doors added to them for the rest of the base.
I'll probably be changing the texture on the staircase to TEKGREEN2, at which point I'll play with the Y offsets. And every time I test the wad, I keep on saying to myself "Fix the pegging on the intro map" and every time I go in to ZETH I totally forget about it :)
That polyobject has been giving me no end of troubles. It originally went flying in to the door opposite it, but then it started screwing up, so I change it to being knocked out of place then knocked to the side, but adding extra sectors downstairs in the rod area screwed it up.
The room will eventually be a decontamination room, I've just gotta work out how it'll look.
I'm not quite sure how to tackle the lights. One of the solutions is that when the power grid comes back on, lights will lower from the ceiling as the light fades to normal. I've also gotta work out whether some lights will be broken and all sorts of other stuff.
I'll probably be making that wall a thickness of 16 so I can get rid of the really crappy looking small pane of broken glass right at the end of the entrance to the small office. Another thing I keep on forgetting to do is to center those computer consoles. The area still needs some scripting and fleshing out for later stages of the hub. That switch is only temporary - I'll be modifying the graphics a bit to leave a message saying it's awaiting command authorisation to reconfigure the ventilation system, and the computer screen on the desk will get a keyboard that you give the command authorisation with. Also, one of the secret areas in the warehouse will have a key or something that will reconfigure the vents in a different formation so you can access the other vent leading out from the Climate Control Centre, at the end of which will be some goodies like guns, ammo, etc. I've been a bit sneaky with secret areas and activation of objects which move to allow access to the secret areas, and I intend on getting even more sneakier (they don't call them secrets for nothing if you ask me :)

Thanks again for the feedback, I've already gotten a few ideas on how to spruce things up. The next WIP will include more areas, a complete courtyard, more Billy Goats, better scripted events (you'll actually get to speak to some people who aren't on the verge of dieing), and lots more.

Adios for now

(Oh, has anyone else downloaded it and tried it out? The more feedback the better :)

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