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Guest Necron

D2DX - new game DOOM 2 DELUXE

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Guest Necron

hey fellow doomers,
i a little while now i have been working on the doom 2 deluxe.wad
a site should pop up soon but here is the story and some details and what ive done so far (its my first progect so dont expect the first verson to be too great) .. but at least the graphics will be good
any way...
it is set after most of the Quake missions took place in deep space and now zombies and demons have started to pop up again
and you are sick of the relentless demons never stopping so you reloads his pistol and heads for the the nearest launch site
but first it may require some demon killing first...
you are going to head for the crimson moon again and enter the gate on it so you can travel right to the inner core of hell and shoot satans evil arse to hell! but it wont be simple hell has been upgradeing its demons with cyber inplants to intisaplate you
watch out!

the game right now runs under dos doom
the level design is done wive DEU and i use WINTEX for editing and my brother doing the few codeing
it will have a few diffent enemys such as the inferous humungous frog demon to the cyber knights with blaseing duel mashine guns
it will also include cyber imps (they have flame throwers)
and also the prince of hell (fallen angle that summons cacodemons)
it will also include the dark lord him self satan

so far ive finished the cyber knight and the cyber imp ive done some frames for the prince of hell and frog demons

the levels should be ok
not as good as some of you guys levels for im good at art but i suck at levels
ill get better in time...

i may give you updates later

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This actually sounds real interesting, but not so much a Doom2 deluxe, as a twist on the satanic element.

Although, if your new monsters look any good, you're going to be bombarded with offers from TC desigers that need artists...

You'll have to keep us updated on your progress

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Pre-bombard number 1! Yes, if they look good I would like some help and you will get credit! Since the Underworld project is going to be satanic like in later levels AND will try to have as much conversion to it as I can any help will be needed.

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Guest Necron

well i have done the first level,
it isnt to fancy but its fuken fun to play its you basicly in a city slums area and theres millions of horeds of zombies heading for you at all directions. Its pretty small all you have to do is battle your way to the blue key open the end door and press the end button
its my first level so i havent worked every thing out so its pretty limited
i hope i will get better and better at levels and eventaly have wicked ones as you guys i love playing your wads their great most of the enemys look shit house though

any one that wants a demo of what i can do just send a e-mail to
justinthewootton@hotmail.com and ill reply with a attacthment of one of the Gaint frog Demons frames

thanks ill keep you updated

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