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32.wad... Where is it..?

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Hey people. Back again, no Edge problems anymore (Whew) as I finally got it working, (Sorry that I keep resolving my problems before they get answered), but this is a tough one. About back in '96, I knew a man who worked for CNA (Computer Networking Associates then) named Bill Parker who taught me a lot about how to build Doom maps, I owe him everything towards how good I've become at it. But, he himself made a monster map that I thought was great called 32.wad (As you can guess, 32 levels), I honestly doubt BOBO would like it because it suffers from "Brown sticky algae" syndrome since it's a very dark collection, but if anyone happens to come across it, please find a way to send it to me...? And if Bill ever comes across this message board, send me an email!

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Guest CZdoomerman

Look at megawad (32 levels) !AA_BTH - author: my brother: ANt_39 & he friends. BTH=Beyond The Hell. Download ? http://www.doomgame.kgb.cz/weci/aa_bth.zip <--- click & wait :)).

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